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Your on-the-go project collaboration tool

What is HardHat?

HardHat is designed to help companies build stronger data intelligence around their projects, people and related activities. It is a complete toolbox of resources in one central hub, designed for seamless interaction, customised to your needs and available anywhere.

In HardHat all your team can collaborate remotely, keep contacts up to date, record communications and project details, upload and save documents against their projects.



The HardHat Hub

HardHat provides a single location for all your project and people intelligence, allowing managers across countries collaborate effectively in one system. Through dashboard setup, your team can track project development in order to get the whole picture.

As your project grows from greenfield exploration to varying stages of development, it is important to see “at a glance” what is happening in all aspects of the company. HardHat automatically integrates with your company’s systems to share the knowledge you already have, easily and in context to your people’s stakeholders and contacts.


Access to smart, centralised data

We understand that all your company’s information may reside in multiple systems and this data rarely comes together to give you a complete view of interactions with your people and relationships on projects.

Thanks to the suite of HardHat integration tools and simple user interface, you can have a complete view of your people’s contacts and every touch-point they have with your company. Events, planned and adhoc meetings, investor engagement, project opportunities, ongoing projects and tenders. All visible to the appropriate people, all in HardHat.


  • Pronto IX
  • Micronet
  • MYOB Enterprise
  • Infor
  • UXC eclipse
  • Greentree
  • Baseplan
  • ECI M1


  • Procontractor MX
  • Estimation
  • Bid4Build
  • Hard Dollar
  • B2W Estimate
  • EasyEst Professional
  • BSE Estimator
  • Estimate Master


Uncover Contact Relationship

  • Stay aware of any contact’s interactions with your company
  • Easily see where contact relationships exist with your colleagues
  • Keep up-to-date with contacts moving role or company
  • Engage with shareholders and subscribers simply and efficiently and track communications with your contacts
Download Outlook Plugin now
Requires Outlook and a HardHat account

Keeping on-top of your Projects

  • Track project progress at a glance from Greenfield to production on multiple sites and varying stages
  • Monitor financial reporting and cost controls
  • Integrate asset management systems
  • Workflow management
  • OH&S manuals solution
  • Task management
  • Collaboration of project specific documents
  • Standardise procedures across multiple sites
  • Centralise financials and reporting

Automating Tender allocation efficiencies

  • Plan and track the entire tender lifecycle
  • Bid and tender management
  • Quickly draft tenders and proposals then track their progress and outcomes
  • Customise tender dashboards to track company, project and tender activity


Internal Collaboration

Connect employees to work together across organisational and geographical boundaries. Collaborate on ideas, project opportunities, service levels and campaigns. Connect through experience, specialities and abilities.

HardHat offers the world-class social features of Chatter® built directly into it, so your team members located in the next office or on the other side of the world can share and collaborate in real-time about project strategies and ideas.


Complete toolbox of mobile apps for any device

Take HardHat wherever you go. Access all your HardHat client intelligence through our suite of intuitively designed native apps for Applie IOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows.

Accessing HardHat on any of these apps enables you to:

  • View dashboards/reports
  • Determine details of upcoming and historical meetings
  • Record notes about meetings
  • Refer work to other members of your company
  • Update contact details



Enterprise grade security

Hardhat provides the highest Service Level Agreement for data security, privacy, integrity and high availability to your client intelligence than any service currently available for professional services firms.
Key security features:

  • Data Encryption while in transit (SSL) and at rest
  • ISO 27001 compliant
  • Single sign on with MS Active Directory supported, as well as two-factor authentication with RSA SecureID or Digital Certificates Find out more
  • Connection to the Hardhat environment is via SSL 3.0/TLS 1.0, using global step-up certificates from Verisign, ensuring that our users have a secure connection from their browsers to our service
  • Individual user sessions are identified and re-verified with each transaction, using a unique token created at login
  • Privacy compliance
  • Disaster recovery and backup

Third party technology integration

Through seamless integration with third party applications, HardHat is able to provide a complete picture of your project and people intelligence.

HardHat has enabled easy access to tested and effective complementary applications through the Salesforce.com® AppExchange®, some free as developed by customers, partners and some by our internal developers.

Integrations currently being used include:

  • Microsoft Outlook calendar and tasks
  • NetDocuments
  • Campaign tools (Concep, Mailchimp)



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